Monday, January 17, 2011

Gettin our Christmas on!

Did they get new books for Christmas? Um...No. But that's what they wanted to do after they opened their gifts! So that's what we did! Grandma and Ivy...
And Uncle Rick and Addie....
And just for a random picture...I went to visit Lauryl (my bestie) for the weekend not too long ago, and when I came home, this is what Addie wanted to do...for like an hour! No, not that long, but she wanted to stand in front of the TV and watch cartoons while holding hands. Loved it! Any day - yes please!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

No more Elmo

This video was taken over the summer. Ivy's old favorite thing to watch used to be anything Elmo. But after our annual Clog Classic - this is now her new favorite thing to watch. You'll see why. And now one of her favorite games is "Let's watch each other clog for 3 hours" I'm learning some great moves from her though!

Addie turns 1!

Holy cow! Her first year went by so so fast! I can't believe she's 1! She turned 1 on September 10th. We posted a wall of pictures of her first year. It was fun to re-live that. Her party was a puppy dog theme because I cannot stress enough how much this little girl loves dogs. Seriously. And we didn't get nearly the amount of pictures that we wanted - including the cake, but we got a few. Poor girl didn't even put one bite of cake in her mouth - she just smashed it and cried. I literally shoved a bite in her mouth to prove to her that she would like it - but that just made her cry more. oops. She had a much better time eating the muddy buddies out of a dog dish. As you can tell... We also went to the Zoo for her birthday and unfortunately these are the only pictures I got to document that event. We are getting ready to head out the door. I only post these to have proof that it happened. :) The other big event of her birthday was taking her to her Aunt Marina and Uncle Bob's house to see their Mastiff Dutchess. She was in heaven. I didn't worry about the drool or the dog hair or the way she would smell when she was done. It was her birthday after all. And as you can see by the video - it was the best present she got. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!

Funny Girl

This is Addie's favorite thing to do. If she sees a pair of shoes, you can bet this is what she will do with them. P.S. Please ignore my mean mom voice. I didn't know Robbie was recording. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Rob and I went to California this fall to visit Robbie's Aunt. While we were there we found Zoltar at the Santa Monica Pier! Good Times.


Addie is learning to use utensils. Love it! (most of the time)

Potty Training

Ivy is potty training. We did a reward system where every time she went in the toilet she got a sticker. When her sticker chart was full she got ice cream. So here we are at TCBY to collect on her reward. Good Job Ivy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summer Recap 2010 - Part 2

We also spent a lot of our summer time with these goofballs. Our friends Greg and Stephanie who have since moved to Texas. I may or may not still be a bit bitter. :) We miss you guys! Ivy helped with picking costumes for the upcoming season. Had garage sales where we had to get creative with ways to stay cool. And we have been enjoying all of my siblings being together for the first time in a long time! Good memories for summer 2010!

Rough morning

Sometimes Ivy wakes up with a big smile, singing Good Morning Sunshine! And sometimes she wakes up like this...

I tried to tell her...

This is what happens when Ivy thinks she doesn't need a nap.